No Limits, C30 Closes Everything

One Electric Base Lock, For All Locks.

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Working with our Controller

Our controller PCB provides: Bluetooth, Wifi, 4G, Zigbee, LoRa, FaceRecognition
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works on existing installations, by assembling everyone

The Most Powerful Linear Modular – Electric Lock

Innovation in your door

An electric lock that you can slide into each other. There is always one basic lock, then you choose yourself, whether it is an outer door (failsecure) without power CLOSED or an inner door (failsafe) without power, OPEN. Works in a conventional manner or as a standalone. Then we use our controller.

This Is One Amazing Lock

You can personalize your C30 with your own logo

Mounting Profile for Construction of C30 On a Door

1° You can mount the base plate with a simple screwdriver and a few screws.

2° Tighten the construction profile with inbus screws. 

3° Anchor the C30. 

4 ° Thickness profiles are provided so that the C30 can be placed on the door or on the frame

Drill the lock in the Door/Frame

1° Look carefully at the door, to conclude where you will place the C30.

2° Make the opening 30mm. Which drill do I need and what is the material of the door or frame.

3° Make the same opening on the opposite side, and place the magnet

4 ° Place the C30 in the created opening

Why not, use the total profile?

You cut it to the desired length, do you know how to saw a bow, in the Profile?

Explore! You will love it.

Here. In combination with a pushbar.

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